Paper submission

Camera ready paper  (31st July 2007)

Please use the following instructions when preparing your camera ready paper, as explained in this ready-formatted page. In particular, please make sure that you send a pdf file and that the margins are as specified to help in the production of the proceedings.

For Word users: use the example word file.

For LaTeX users: these are example latex file, example bibliography file, class file and bibliography style file.

Papers can be up to eight (8) pages long and can contain colour. However, please note that the proceedings will be printed in greylevel so make sure that your coloured figures still make sense without colour. The online and CD versions will be in colour. Also, make sure that pages are not numbered. Make sure that all fonts are included in the pdf file you send, including that of characters in your figures. This can be verified in the "Document properties" in Adobe Reader. Ensure that all figures and diagrams are readable at the resolution you use, and when printed in monochrome.

Do NOT use any password or other permission locks on your pdf file, it will delay your contribution.

Do not put anything in the header or footer areas (titles, page numbers, etc.)

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for obtaining permissions and making any payments to use any third-party copyright material (e.g. images or text, from any source, including the www). Remember to acknowledge sources appropriately.

Please send your paper in pdf format to mxw"at" or exceptionally as hardcopy by post to:

Dr. Myra Wilson
TAROS-07 Programme Chair
Department of Computer Science,
University of Wales,
SY23 3DB


All accepted papers, both for posters and oral presentations, are published in the proceedings. The posters themselves are not published in the proceedings.

Oral Presentations at TAROS

The allocated time for oral presentations is 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions. Overhead and powerpoint projectors are available. If you have other requirements (video, slides etc.) please contact the organisers in good time.

Please check with the conference schedule to determine when you are presenting (and on the day, as the schedule may change!), and contact your session chairperson at least 10 minutes before your session to ensure your presentation is loaded and there are no compatibility problems with the projection equipment, etc.

If you are scheduled to present, but cannot make the slot, please arrange for a qualified substitute speaker, and inform the organisers as soon as possible.

Poster Presentations at TAROS

The poster boards are approximately 1200mm high by 850mm wide (i.e. A0 size), so please plan your poster to be no larger than A0 (1189x841) for display in portrait (i.e. vertical) format only. An A1 size (594x841mm) poster may be displayed either in portrait or landscape format. If you intend to use individual sheets, please plan your display within the dimensions given.

Besides being displayed, posters will be presented in a 2-minute "poster spotlight". For this presentation, authors are invited to use up to two slides to introduce their poster. Timings will be strictly observed. The purpose of the poster spotlight is to present just the main points of your poster - details of the work should be presented during the actual poster session.

You are specifically asked to USE NO PINS on the display boards, but "Velcro" style self-adhesive hook patches to mount your posters, which will be available on the day.