Call for papers

Now closed.

TAROS-07 is a platform for robot researchers with a wide range of interests from the U.K., Europe and worldwide. TAROS welcomes paper submissions on a wide range of topics related to the principles and practice of autonomous robotics, including Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences and Engineering methods.

TAROS-07 welcomes submissions from senior researchers and research students alike, and will specifically provide opportunities for research students and young research scientists to present their work to the scientific community.

Submission deadline: 1st May 2007

Springer, London and IoP (Institute of Physics) Publishing will sponsor best paper prizes.

Submissions of papers are invited in any of the following topics, and in related areas:

* Advanced applications of autonomous robots (industrial and research),
* Advanced materials,
* Advanced medical robotics, robots for surgery,
* Analysis of robot-environment interaction,
* Autonomous assembly robotics,
* Biologically inspired robotics,
* Cognitive robotics,
* Collective robots,
* Developmental robotics,
* Hardware issues, devices and techniques, advanced sensor and actuator hardware,
* Learning and adaptation,
* Modelling and analysis of robot models,
* Navigation, localization, map building and path planning,
* Robot autonomy,
* Robot vision, sensing and perception,
* Robot control architectures,
* Robots in education, the arts and entertainment,
* Space and planetary robotics.